Friday, June 1, 2007

I am a fabric buying machine!

Okay, so I got a call from the publisher of the manuscript I'm editing about my contract, and the pay rate is way higher than I thought it would be (yay!). Plus, all my paperwork came in for my Teaching Assistantship. Plus, I have a ton of orders on etsy. So I was very bad and I bought lots of Japanese fabric from this website: This was bad because it was more expensive than other fabric I buy and I already went on fabric shopping sprees this year (like when I went to California to visit my sister but that was just an excuse to go to JoAnn's Fabrics). It was also very good because it wasn't as expensive as other websites I've been on and they had more selection than the other stores (well, at least right now). I also like to look at and, but I've never bought anything. Hopefully I'll make some really cute stuff out of these fabrics; these are just two of them!

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