Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hoomaluhia gardens for photo session

So today I made a lot more progress on my orders; I have now finished five more of them and I'm going to be listing them tomorrow or so. They look really cute, see? I am kinda surprised at how many people like the little flowers in pots, it is now by far the most requested/sold item. I'm still trying to work on a pattern for this for a sweet person I met on flickr, but let me just say that I am having the most difficult time. I think it is because for a while I was actually making up my own crochet stitch (you can still see it in some of my patterns), and when I am crocheting something I don't really have a pattern (well I do, but it's not written/ drawn in english). Since the flower is so popular, I was trying to work it out so that I made a venus fly trap one for the guys, but it was junk and looked like a green tortilla and lumpy ball. Maybe later. Today I also went to Ho`omaluhia Botanical gardens again... it's so pretty and green there; the perfect place for taking pictures. Here is an all black lamb that was requested by a customer; see he's looking at all the little daisies!

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