Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shoppe Update! Berrysprite now open Nov 29 to Dec 6

Hope you guys had a smashing Thanksgiving... counting down to Christmas! I realized that when I was little, Christmas seemed so far away from Thanksgiving, but as I get older it seems so close! Sorry this is a bit late (talk about a shop preview... it's actually going to be simultaneous because my shop is open at this very moment, until Dec. 6!) I'm going to try and list everything tonight, but as it is a bit late already, it may take me one or two days to list everything. Even though I've been crafting like mad for the past couple days, I only have multiples of a few things, such as the gingerbread cookie ornaments and the bearpop ornaments; everything else is as you see in the "preview." My favorites of the whole batch are the shave-ice/snowcone ornament and the cookie ornaments; the cookie ornaments are the result of many, many requests from from last year!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Sale!

I've been making great progress on my thesis (the first deadline I've set for myself is to have my introduction written by Dec. 1st to turn in to my Professor... and I'm so sure I'll meet it!) Hence, I've also been able to squeeze in a wee bit of crafting in preparation for my Christmas Sale! Berrysprite will be open from Nov. 29th to Dec. 6th, which should leave enough time for Holiday shipping, both domestic and international! As with my anniversary sale, there will a special goody with every order placed during the sale period (think Christmas sweets!). And, instead of a giveaway with one or two winners, I'll be posting a super kawaii tutorial for a felt cookie ornament; that way everyone can share in the fun! I'll also be posting a shop preview real soon, stay tuned!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vintage goodies

From Top left- bowls:Seasidevintage, lamp:hindsvik, shipbottle:spacejam, fire earrings:morelooseends, flower clock:postroadvintage, train case:atticowl, scarf:fabriquefantastique, buttons:Lillianolive, pearltree earrings:silverflame

Have you guys spent any time looking through the Vintage pages on Etsy? I've mostly tried to stick with thepages for kawaii supplies like fabric etc (I have to limit what I look at because I'm basically addicted to etsy) but my mushroom kick had me looking through the vintage sections for some cute mushrooms... and now I wonder how I've lived to twenty-five years old without looking at the Vintage section! I'm amazed and simultaneously appalled at how much stuff I want! (though this may be due to the fact that here in Hawai`i we have a wayyy different flavor of vintage than in the Mainland, so its pretty much all brand new to me!). Anyway, I live in an apartment right now (with very limited space) but I can't help but pretend that I'm interior designing a brick-and-mortar eclectic berrysprite store for myself when I look at some of this stuff! My absolute favorite things from this compilation of goodies are the tangerine train case and the super cute tiny ship in a bottle (which has since sold :[... gotta scoop it up fast people!). Consequently I think I might need a ship in a bottle for Christmas :D

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Gintama...I love this anime! While it took a while for it to get good (say... 10 episodes?) I now really can't live without the jokes, the voice work and the artistry of this anime; its soooo funny! A big part of the comedy comes from the fact that Gintama is an anime that makes fun of the genre of anime. Basically it's about a washed-up samurai, hypoglycemic hero (Gintoki Sakata) who makes a living doing odd-jobs in a post Amanto alien-takeover Edo (Tokyo). Gin-san picks up a young apprentice named Shinpachi, after Gin saves Shinpachi's sister. Gin and Shinpachi are joined by Kagura, a freakishly strong alien girl who looks up to Gin as well. The series follows their jobs and interactions with former friends and enemies during a time when being a samurai is illegal... but still a source of pride for most humans. Gintama isn't exactly for kids (for example, there's a ninja with hemmorhoids, a couple of butt-afro jokes, and a recurring neo-armstrong cannon... you'll get it if you watch!) but it's just right for people with an odd sense of humor!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walmart Fabrics

We have this saying here in the Islands... "Lucky you live Hawai`i!" Anyway that is exactly how I felt when I visited Walmart and found these great Japanese fabrics (Kokka brand!)... We're so influenced by Japanese culture here that these lovely fabrics have made a lasting impression on Walmart, and they've been carrying a very limited selection of kawaii Japanese Fabrics for a few months now. (I know, I know, Walmart is a semi-evil corporation, but I can't help myself... they're so cheap!) This was the first time I've seen these specific fabrics anywhere in Hawai`i, and I've been coveting that pink one for a long time! Just in case any of my fellow Hawai`i peeps are interested, I got these from the Ke`eaumoku Walmart; I'm not sure if the others have them.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Giveaway results!

Thanks everyone for making my etsyanniversary sale such a success; it was so much fun! And it's finally November 9th... I bet you all were waiting for me to announce the winner of the peach giveaway (haha, patience is a virtue my friends!). Well not to worry, I busted out my little robot and crunched some data. Without further ado, here is our grand prize winner, the lucky new mama of Mr. Peach:

Yay Ms. TyphoidAshley! You are now the lucky new owner of this coveted peach... may you treasure him always!

Aaaaand our second place winner (of a chicken pom!) is.........
Ms. Alyssa-Marie. Yayyyyy for chickens!

If you girls could please send me your contact info (to so I can ship your winnings out ASAP. Congrats again, and thanks everyone for entering and celebrating my etsyanniversary with me!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Domokun at 7-11

Domokun is a monster who hatched from an egg; his favorite food is meat and potato stew and he hates apples! Domokun is a Japanese character who's gained popularity throughout the world in recent years... did you miss him at Target last Halloween and Easter? For those of you who did, he's now at 7-11 (betcha didn't know 7-11 is a Japanese company!), which will be running their Domokun promotion at participating stores until November 15th. For some reason though, I don't think any of the 7-11 stores in Hawai`i have this promotion... and we're usually such a mecca for all things Japanese! So make sure you pop on by your local 7-11 and enjoy the Domo-ness for me! For those of you like me who are Domo deprived, here is a link to a free paper craft; just print, cut and fold (some taping/gluing may be involved) and you can make your own domo at cubeecraft!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Berrysprite Reopening and a Giveaway; Nov. 1-8

Berrysprite is now open, from November 1st to November 8th! Thanks for being so patient everyone; even though preparing for this sale has reminded me why I need to close my shop when I'm working on my thesis, it was so much fun getting back into the groove of etsying! During the sale week new items will trickle in slowly, mostly at the beginning of the week (if you see something a bit later in the week but you already bought something, don't worry; I'll combine shipping!) If you visit my shop this week you'll notice all of the new items are photographed on a plain white background... don't worry! Its not permanent, its just for this sale... I actually had a lot of stuff to photograph and it really saved me lots of time to not change backgrounds. What's more, I'll also have a clearance section... stay tuned for some really great deals on some of my prototype amigurumi!

To further celebrate my etsyanniversary, I'm also doing a giveaway... you can win this little peach keychain! Isn't he adorable? To enter just leave a comment on this post; the winner will be announced on November 9th. Huzzahs all around!

PS.... there's a new November calendar available; I'll blog about it later!
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