Thursday, November 5, 2009

Domokun at 7-11

Domokun is a monster who hatched from an egg; his favorite food is meat and potato stew and he hates apples! Domokun is a Japanese character who's gained popularity throughout the world in recent years... did you miss him at Target last Halloween and Easter? For those of you who did, he's now at 7-11 (betcha didn't know 7-11 is a Japanese company!), which will be running their Domokun promotion at participating stores until November 15th. For some reason though, I don't think any of the 7-11 stores in Hawai`i have this promotion... and we're usually such a mecca for all things Japanese! So make sure you pop on by your local 7-11 and enjoy the Domo-ness for me! For those of you like me who are Domo deprived, here is a link to a free paper craft; just print, cut and fold (some taping/gluing may be involved) and you can make your own domo at cubeecraft!


  1. I'm so annoyed, all the 7-11 stores I go to don't have the straws! I'm trying to track them down for my nephew and me (he's in Kindergarten and was very excited he can read Domo's name now!).

  2. I can probably get the straws here in L.A! Typhoid Ashley, email me at if you're interested :) They're $1.99 + tax.

  3. Awww, that's so cute Ashley... you should make him the cubee! And all the blog love; you're such a sweetie Isis! You guys are the bestest :D


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