Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walmart Fabrics

We have this saying here in the Islands... "Lucky you live Hawai`i!" Anyway that is exactly how I felt when I visited Walmart and found these great Japanese fabrics (Kokka brand!)... We're so influenced by Japanese culture here that these lovely fabrics have made a lasting impression on Walmart, and they've been carrying a very limited selection of kawaii Japanese Fabrics for a few months now. (I know, I know, Walmart is a semi-evil corporation, but I can't help myself... they're so cheap!) This was the first time I've seen these specific fabrics anywhere in Hawai`i, and I've been coveting that pink one for a long time! Just in case any of my fellow Hawai`i peeps are interested, I got these from the Ke`eaumoku Walmart; I'm not sure if the others have them.


  1. oh my god you ARE very lucky. im going to look for these at my non-hawaii walmart anyway, though i probably won't be as lucky...

  2. I LOVE the yellow on the right. Too bad our Wal-Mart has... um... normal and more normal. Nothing super cute.

  3. my mom bought those fabric patterns too! :)

  4. aughhhh soooo cute! i wish we had them here! =(

  5. I want them, they are so sweet!


  6. I looked but they are not in the walmarts I live around over here in Michigan. I love them that retro vintage style is my favorite and I LOVE Japanese Kawaiiness :P

    Maybe I can get my hubby to find a job where we can live next door to you and I can get all the cute goodies from walmart hehe.



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