Friday, October 26, 2007


Busy again this week; I've decided to limit the amount of custom orders I can take starting November 7th. I know, it seems really early but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I'm going to try and give myself a little break from crocheting this weekend (although I still have many custom orders) and get to sewing some new pouches with my fantabulous stash of fabrics. I mailed a bunch of packages today, hence the picture! Some of my amigurumi, such as the cupcake, are too big for my traditional packaging so I had to get a new type of bag... they are really cute-cellophane with little strawberries on them. I decided to tie them with yarn, which kinda makes sense because my amigurumi are made with yarn. I also listed some new little bearlets, this fuzzy plush one sold within an hour or two! I will miss him...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sorry its been so long... I have been buried under paperwork! Yep, my students had their midterm this past week and I had to have them all graded by Friday to ensure that the ones that were failing the class had enough time to drop the class (I know it sounds mean, but its true!) Thankfully, none of my kids were failing... in fact, some of the ones I was worried about did really well, probably because I scared them into studying until their brains were like jelly... Anyway, it took me a really long time!

The fun part is this weekend I got to go to a pumpkin patch; we never used to have pumpkin patches; in fact the first time I ever picked my own pumpkin was the first year I went to California for college (and even then I was too intimidated to pick one, so I just chose three mini ones out of a box). But now, I can pick all I want; Aloun farms now grows many types of pumpkins, and for a parking fee and pumpkin cost you can pick all you want! Oh the fun.

I mostly love the tiny pumpkins; I got about 25 for $5. I think they may have felt bad for me; I lugged a plastic bag full of little pumpkins around the farm for about 2 hours, and I think it weighed like 20 pounds!

I also love weird pumpkins, like warty ones, white ones and green and yellow ones! As you can see, I got a nice selection of weirdies.

Hope your pumpkins bring you as much joy as mine have to me!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Yum, have you guys ever tried mochi ice cream? Sooo good! It's a little ball of ice cream (they come in many, many flavors) inside a mochi (japanese sweet rice flower). You can buy them in supermarkets here, and they are expensive, or you can go to Bubbies, where it is also expensive (~$1 each) but quite the experience. Bubbies is this really great ice cream place really close to the University, so you always have the young crowd getting their sweet tooth on. They have a really extensive menu, with cake names like "Inflamed Prostate" and "Triple Orgasm," peanut butter shakes and side orders of gummi bears and then they also have mochi ice cream! They have flavors like azuki bean, sakura (like a cherry), green tea, melon, pumpkin, and so much more! It was my office mate's birthday, so we took her to Bubbies after school. You should have seen us, there was a trail of graduate students walking down the mountain and crossing traffic to get some ice cream! Hilarious. Anyway, I got these three; the yellow one is cantaloupe (the best), the pink one is strawberry and the brown one is mint chocolate chip. I know, I know, not very adventurous, but I will be next time!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

toy from small kid times

Do you guys remember these? I've seen them on Etsy and on, and I used to make them when I was little! These are those little perler beads that you can iron into different shapes and such; I always enjoyed the star. Anyway, there was a point in my life over the summer where I would make weekly visits (actually it was more like every two days) to the various craft stores here; lately with school though, I've been too busy! So yay when I didn't have any obligations last Friday, I took the opportunity to go to Ben Franklin, which is kinda like a more expensive and less extensive Michael's. They had a bucket 'o beads for like $8 (which may not be that cheap compared to prices in America but it is here... normally they are $13)! I am so excited, I have to plan what I want to do with them...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

baby unicorn

So I made this little unicorn for my sister's birthday (specially requested) and he turned out really cute! She loves him so much; now she's requested a little black one as a friend. This little one's body is made out of white acrylic red heart yarn and his mane and tail are made out of cotton rainbow peaches and cream yarn. I am thinking about putting one in my shop, but I'm a little hesitant because it looks similar to some of the amigurumi I've seen on etsy (that's actually where my sister saw it). I made up the pattern myself though, so technically it would be alright. If I do, I'll probably make his body a little longer and his legs a little skinnier. Also, his horn isn't very conical, so I may just make the next one a little horse.

Right now I'm working on a bunch of special orders, so I'll have a while to think about whether or not to put him in the ol' etsy shoppe. Also, I have a whole heap of cupcakes and mushrooms to sell, so they'll probably end up in my shop in the next couple of weeks. The only thing is, the cupcakes are too big to fit in the bags I usually send them out in. Ahh, dilemmas.
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