Monday, October 15, 2007


Yum, have you guys ever tried mochi ice cream? Sooo good! It's a little ball of ice cream (they come in many, many flavors) inside a mochi (japanese sweet rice flower). You can buy them in supermarkets here, and they are expensive, or you can go to Bubbies, where it is also expensive (~$1 each) but quite the experience. Bubbies is this really great ice cream place really close to the University, so you always have the young crowd getting their sweet tooth on. They have a really extensive menu, with cake names like "Inflamed Prostate" and "Triple Orgasm," peanut butter shakes and side orders of gummi bears and then they also have mochi ice cream! They have flavors like azuki bean, sakura (like a cherry), green tea, melon, pumpkin, and so much more! It was my office mate's birthday, so we took her to Bubbies after school. You should have seen us, there was a trail of graduate students walking down the mountain and crossing traffic to get some ice cream! Hilarious. Anyway, I got these three; the yellow one is cantaloupe (the best), the pink one is strawberry and the brown one is mint chocolate chip. I know, I know, not very adventurous, but I will be next time!


  1. i love that you show us these different yummies! i'd never seen those before!

  2. I love mochi! The only flavors I've ever seen are the ones at Trader Joe's. :) Maybe a bubbies (right?) will eventually make its way to California. Um...I'm not sure I'm too keen on the names of the cakes though...:)


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