Sunday, October 6, 2013

Selling my Blythes for Cheap(er)! BOTH SOLD, Thank You!

Hi guys!  So originally I bought these Blythe dolls because I wanted to be able to know how big they were  so that I could make hats and bears to sell in my etsy shop (plus the fun of being able to customize them really appealed to me!) If you follow my shop you may have seen them in one or two of my listings.  But these plans of grandeur were concocted when I was still a student with lots of free time... I'm finding that now that I have a grownup full-time job I don't have as much time.  Plus, they are just sitting in a plastic box under my bed.  So I was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing one (or both) from me.

The first Blythe I will be selling is a Prima Dolly Ashlette (SBL, released in January of 2008). I called her Wendy and I purchased her new. Some things you should know about Wendy:
  • I dyed her hair a darker brown. 
  • I removed her factory makeup and put in new eyelashes... they are a bit scraggly.
  • Her scalp needs to be reattached.
  • Her eye-changing mechanism is broken, and I tried to fix it with glue, which is still on there... You can still change her eyes, but you have to do it manually (the pull string doesn't always work).
  • She has some wine-colored stains on her body (shoulders and back) from a red dress she has been wearing since I put her under my bed... D'oh!) Incidentally, she will be mailed in this dress because otherwise she would be nekkid.





Although there are a few things about Wendy that a collector/ blythe connoisseur might avoid, Wendy would be perfect for someone who had their eye on a Blythe but couldn't really afford one.  She still looks really good and photographs very well.  She's perfect for someone who is just starting out, and can still be completely customized by you!

Prima Dolly Ashlette= Asking Price:  $30 + Shipping.  See for current rates
Sold, thank you very much!

The second Blythe is my Miss Sally Rice (RBL).  I love her hair color... If I was blonde I would totally dye my hair a light blue color like this... but alas, my hair is a deep brown and would require too much peroxide to every look good dyed a cool color.  I purchased her from a very nice lady over at the This is Blythe Forums around 2009 for $120 I think.  They still sell for quite a pretty penny... I think.  Some things you should know about Miss Sally:
  • No markings are visible
  • One of her eyechips is missing (yellow sakura coolcat) but you can totally replace it.
  • All her factory makeup is still on and is unaltered
  • She (scalp) has never been opened 
  • Everything is still attached and works great!
  • Her hair is a little mussed but you can totally fix that.
  • She comes with a complete set (8) cool cat eyechips
  • She is beautiful, and photographs beautifully!
  • She will be shipped in the blue dress she's wearing in the photos!

Miss Sally Rice= Asking Price: $90 + Shipping.  See USPS for current rates.
Sold, thank you very much!

Spread the word, tell your friends, especially if they are interested in getting a Blythe!  FB message or email me ( if you are interested in either one or both... If both you can probably save on shipping! 

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