Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flip camera+ berrysprite= kawaii!

My sister had wanted to get a flip camera (neato video camera), but she was undecided as to whether or not she should drop the $$$. But then Cisco Systems announced that they were going to discontinue them! So she put in her order, and asked me to create a custom kawaii design for it. She's an English teacher, and she had liked a schoolyard design I had made for one of my old calendars so I made a mini Kimmie! I love her glasses and school clothes.

I thought I would share the love, so I made a desktop background for you guys too! To download, go to my flickr or photobucket, click on all sizes and save to your computer. From there, set to your desktop background! Happy happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SUPER bag sale

I've gotten behind on listing lots of items, and I recently realized that I have quite a stash of bags... which is bad for me because I have limited space in my small apartment. Thusly:

I'm having a super super bag sale! Every bag in my shop has been marked down SIGNIFICANTLY. How significantly? All small zippered Pouches are $4-$5, and clutches are $10. In other words, all bags are $10 and under. In most cases, that's 30%-almost 50% off what I normally sell them for! My pouch sale will last from Monday, April 18th to Monday April 25th. This is the perfect time to shop for gifts for friends, and there are so many cute fabrics available!

I plan to spread out the listings of my bags, but I don't want you to miss out on one that you really want! Therefore, all bag purchases will be listed by Friday, April 22 and shipping of bags purchased during week of the sale will not occur until Saturday, April 23; if you purchase bags in multiple transactions throughout the week, I'll refund the extra shipping charges, so you'll only pay for full shipping ($2- $3, depending on your location) on the first bag you purchased (every other bag will be charged the secondary shipping rate... $1), regardless of how many transactions you make during the week. And then I will send them all out at once and you will get a huge envelope of glorious bags!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Sally Hanson Nail Art pens

I've always loved painting my nails; When I was in grade school, I even used to color them with pencils and pens... white-out was also a favorite of mine! Unfortunately, I've never been able to master the level of artistry that allows a person to draw all kinds of pretty/kawaii/ cool things on their nails (hey, those nail polish brushes are huge!) and whenever I tried, I would inevitably end up ruining my paint job and just taking it all off anyway. So even though I loved painting my nails, it was quite frustrating that the best designs I could make consisted of misshapen polka dots.

Enter Sally Hansen's Nail Art pens! I generally like Sally Hansen nail polish and these pens are no different. In fact, they take the difficulty out of making designs on your nails... they are essentially nail polish in pen form, which makes it very easy and quick to draw. I was a little skeptical at first, because I've tried other nail pens which just ended up not having enough or too much nail polish to ball point ratio. However these were fantastic! I tried the white and dark pink colors and I loooove them. You use them just like a pen; just make sure your nail polish is completely dry, and seal your design with a top coat (I like glitter polish)

They cost around $5-$10 each... which seems expensive but is not bad considering the price of a mani/pedi! All of a sudden, my nail art repertoire has been expanded from mere dots to flowers, skulls and bunnies... so many possibilities!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please vote for me :)

Please vote for my "happy weather" fabric... I've entered it in the Spoonflower "Rain" fabric contest, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It's my most popular design on Spoonflower! Thanks so much :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Have you guys heard about Printsess? It's a small-run printing company that can customize all sorts of goodness, including acrylic and metal charms for a decent price (they used to print stickers and posters, but now they're focusing on charms!). Basically, small-run means they allow for smaller than usual orders.... which is perfect for small businesses! All you have to do is submit your designs (within the specifications) The minimum order is 50 for acrylic charms and 100 for metal charms; prices depend on how large your design is. For acrylic charms, you can also submit up to four designs per order!

I haven't tried them (mostly because I'm still working on my thesis and these charms would be too fun) but I think they're quite popular. I'm pretty sure these are the girls behind heychickadee and everydaycute. I definitely plan on making some charms once I'm finished with all my work! If you've used Printsess before, let me know how you liked them!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My camera is dead :(

My beloved camera, Blackie, has died! After serving me faithfully for 5 years, he went kaput last week Saturday.... booo! I loved him so; he was my very first camera, and he traveled with me to such places as China, San Diego and Washington DC. He endured a lot of jostling, bumps and scrapes, rain and sand. He accompanied me to archives and museums to document sources and material culture! He was there for the beginning of berrysprite, and we learned photography tricks together. In fact, he was the reason I was able to start my berrysprite shop and a huge part of the reason berrysprite has been so successful... his macro capabilities were positively delicious. All of that color and vibrancy that highlight berrysprite goodness were all his doing... he made my amigurumi look cute; Suffice it to say he will be sorely missed. And now it is only fitting that I post an homage to my dearly departed friend and all of his glorious work over the years! Rest in peace dear camera.

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