Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flip camera+ berrysprite= kawaii!

My sister had wanted to get a flip camera (neato video camera), but she was undecided as to whether or not she should drop the $$$. But then Cisco Systems announced that they were going to discontinue them! So she put in her order, and asked me to create a custom kawaii design for it. She's an English teacher, and she had liked a schoolyard design I had made for one of my old calendars so I made a mini Kimmie! I love her glasses and school clothes.

I thought I would share the love, so I made a desktop background for you guys too! To download, go to my flickr or photobucket, click on all sizes and save to your computer. From there, set to your desktop background! Happy happy Easter!


  1. Cute little girl! Adorable kawaii! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. OOOOOO how cute! my best friend is going to start teaching next year elementry kids (cause she is really shory and kawaii) she has red hair and glasses hehe


  3. Very cute!
    Maybe an idea for an upcoming post: a tutorial on how you make these dolls? Do you use photoshop? A tablet?...


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