Sunday, April 17, 2011

SUPER bag sale

I've gotten behind on listing lots of items, and I recently realized that I have quite a stash of bags... which is bad for me because I have limited space in my small apartment. Thusly:

I'm having a super super bag sale! Every bag in my shop has been marked down SIGNIFICANTLY. How significantly? All small zippered Pouches are $4-$5, and clutches are $10. In other words, all bags are $10 and under. In most cases, that's 30%-almost 50% off what I normally sell them for! My pouch sale will last from Monday, April 18th to Monday April 25th. This is the perfect time to shop for gifts for friends, and there are so many cute fabrics available!

I plan to spread out the listings of my bags, but I don't want you to miss out on one that you really want! Therefore, all bag purchases will be listed by Friday, April 22 and shipping of bags purchased during week of the sale will not occur until Saturday, April 23; if you purchase bags in multiple transactions throughout the week, I'll refund the extra shipping charges, so you'll only pay for full shipping ($2- $3, depending on your location) on the first bag you purchased (every other bag will be charged the secondary shipping rate... $1), regardless of how many transactions you make during the week. And then I will send them all out at once and you will get a huge envelope of glorious bags!


  1. ooooooOOOOOooooo I bet you will sell every bag you put up there ^_^ I'm sure I'm going to buy at least one ^_~ lol

    on another note I got the lion pom pom done :D I'll post pictures of it soon lol you've got me hooked on these poms and now my daughter is swiping them from me everytime I turn around and throwing them at the cat LOL

    Hugs and Kisses

  2. Dude this is awesome

  3. Hi! I just bought a bag. Can't wait to get it :D


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