Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hoomaluhia gardens for photo session

So today I made a lot more progress on my orders; I have now finished five more of them and I'm going to be listing them tomorrow or so. They look really cute, see? I am kinda surprised at how many people like the little flowers in pots, it is now by far the most requested/sold item. I'm still trying to work on a pattern for this for a sweet person I met on flickr, but let me just say that I am having the most difficult time. I think it is because for a while I was actually making up my own crochet stitch (you can still see it in some of my patterns), and when I am crocheting something I don't really have a pattern (well I do, but it's not written/ drawn in english). Since the flower is so popular, I was trying to work it out so that I made a venus fly trap one for the guys, but it was junk and looked like a green tortilla and lumpy ball. Maybe later. Today I also went to Ho`omaluhia Botanical gardens again... it's so pretty and green there; the perfect place for taking pictures. Here is an all black lamb that was requested by a customer; see he's looking at all the little daisies!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm sweaty... lets go to the beach!

Whew, I am finally making some headway on my orders! Sadly, this is not the case with that manuscript I'm supposed to be editing. I took a break (again) to go to the beach with my sisters, and it was really a beautiful day! It was the kind of day that was so hot that when you were riding in the car with all the windows down all you could feel was furnace air, so that when you got to the beach you jumped right in! Trust me, it felt really goooood to jump in. I took some of my crochet stuff, but I ended up swimming the whole time (there were lots of turtles, perhaps I will make another turtle soon...hmmm). I also tried to take some pictures of a custom order monkey for a very special customer but I'm afraid it was too bright for the pictures to come out very well. I've noticed that people really like seeing their amigurumi doing stuff (like when I had a bearlet standing on a camping sign); it gives them (the amigurumi) a little world of their own. Sorry for all the pictures, but it really was gorgeous today!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

bisi bisi bisi

It's sad but good; I am literally inundated with custom orders; my morning/evening/every time I get the chance to the point of addiction routine is to check etsy. Lo and behold, like 20 convos for custom orders within two days. Somebody is talking about me behind my back, and its a good thing.
Sadly, there will be virtually no new designs for a while; like a month! And I lied to the public about all the new stuff that was going to be in my store... The only thing I didn't lie about was this plastic piggy bank, which I made sure to get done what with all the previous pig inspiration; I don't take signs from the gods lightly! PS here is the otter, finally done... I love him so.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So, I thought I was busy before, but now I have mondo orders for my etsy shop! Its a good thing, but now I feel guilty for just crocheting and not going to the archives to do my new real work.
Today was the first day my sister came home from college in America, and we went to the botanical gardens for a picnic of sorts... and we saw baby piggies! They usually come down from the mountains to root around in the gardens and ruin stuff, but they are so cute!
Then I was watching "Dancing with the Stars" with my sister and I must say, I wanted Joey to win; I mean come on... dancing to the Star Wars theme song with a light saber? That automatically deserves victory. I think if there had been some eewoks in the dancing sequences Joey would have won for sure.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Break time

Whew, I needed a break from all the crafting, so my mom and grandma and me went to Chinatown in Honolulu. So much fun! I may not look it, but I am actually amost 1/2 Chinese! There is so much good stuff to look at and buy, and to eat too! Here is some of the dim sum I had for lunch- see I already took a bite of the gyoza! Then I waited for my grandma and mom to finish vegetable shopping by looking at candy (ha ha) and going into one of my favorite bead stores. It's like a technicolor explosion of fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Custom orders to fill!

Whew, have I been busy! I've noticed that being busy is conducive to being even busier; it seems like all my etsy orders pile up at once! I'm making some real progress though, I'm almost finished with my first one (an otter, very cool; lookey -->) and my second one (two pink rabbits with flowers on their ears; except I ran out of that color yarn :(.

I think the otter is going to be really cute, I never thought of doing one until a customer asked me to design it. I was thinking a little felt shell with a glass pearl for it to hold would make it perfect.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

first post ever

Yay! Just started this blog... my first blog ever in fact! Let's see how fast it will take me to get the hang of this shall we? What to expect from my blog; hmmmm. Probably lots of crafty and cute stuff!
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