Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm sweaty... lets go to the beach!

Whew, I am finally making some headway on my orders! Sadly, this is not the case with that manuscript I'm supposed to be editing. I took a break (again) to go to the beach with my sisters, and it was really a beautiful day! It was the kind of day that was so hot that when you were riding in the car with all the windows down all you could feel was furnace air, so that when you got to the beach you jumped right in! Trust me, it felt really goooood to jump in. I took some of my crochet stuff, but I ended up swimming the whole time (there were lots of turtles, perhaps I will make another turtle soon...hmmm). I also tried to take some pictures of a custom order monkey for a very special customer but I'm afraid it was too bright for the pictures to come out very well. I've noticed that people really like seeing their amigurumi doing stuff (like when I had a bearlet standing on a camping sign); it gives them (the amigurumi) a little world of their own. Sorry for all the pictures, but it really was gorgeous today!

1 comment:

  1. Wow- looks like paradise! I can see why you'd rather be outdoors...
    I love the pics of Monkey, especially the one of him hanging upside down. He looks like a really cheeky chap- can't wait to meet him!


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