Friday, December 28, 2012

new berrysprite blog design!

It's simple!  It's colorful!  It has flowers and mushrooms and red!  It took me some tinkering, but I was able to redesign my blog over Christmas... I'm super happy with it, and I hope you like it too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

thank you card tutorial

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

For those of you who would like to send out a thank you card, or (even just a greeting card) here is a tutorial for you! [Well, maybe this post is not so much a tutorial as it is an idea prompt to inspire you to make your own cards, since they are economical, beautiful and useful (who hasn't needed a nice card for emergencies)!]

The idea for these came from one of the girls in my fellowship cohort; we had needed to come up with gifts to give the speakers in our workshops, but we wanted them to reflect our native flora, fauna and landscapes of Hawaii... Luckily I have taken TONS of pictures of these kinds of things so we were able to make some really beautiful cards that reflected our islands!

I bought an off-white heavy cardstock pack of blank cards using a 40% off coupon at our local Ben Franklin (so they came out to around $4.00 for 50) and I got my pictures printed for free (I signed up with Sam's Club so I got 25 free photos... but you can also try Snapfish or a similar printing service... I think it runs around 8¢ for a photo print).  I used spray glue to create an even coat of adhesive on the back of the photo and then I just put them onto the card.  I had my sister (she has nicer handwriting) put a description of what was on the card and the place it was taken to make it a little more meaningful.

I think everyone has some nice photos of their hometowns: try pictures of moss, flowers, trees, mountains, snow etc that would make really nice greeting cards.  Have fun!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

leftover chickens

I made these little chickens using leftover pieces of yarn... each is exactly the size of the tiny ball of yarn I had leftover from my other creations.  Making chickens is my favorite, hee hee!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

on my christmas list

Some of you may have seen these pochi purses... truth be told I was never really impressed with them.

However, they have recently come out with pochi purses in other designs and now they are irresistible. So,
one of the things on my Christmas wish list is this ADORABLE Silicone pochi purse shaped like a panda...

I've never been much of a change purse type of person, but when I saw this I knew that it was the perfect request for a Christmas present; at around $15 its not to expensive, pretty practical (I intend to keep my bus fare in it) and super cute; I mean bear ears for purse handles!  There is a Volume 1 and a Volume 2... so many to choose from! This website seems to have most of them (except the shiba inu... I checked!)

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