Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to procrastination alley

Here I am, sitting in my office trying to finish one of my papers (Derrida anyone?). But really, here is what I am thinking about:
"What new amigurumi can I make once school is out?"

Here is what I came up with:

Dinosaur/ Dragon
little octopi
milk bottles
more big head bears
cloud/ rain
wild pigs
woolly mammoth
International Games and Competition Fostering Worldwide Cooperation and Unity Panda Bear Mascots.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vog= volcanic fog

So, these are some pictures of where I live. You may have a few questions; allow me to answer them question by question.

1. Where are the grass huts?
Nah, I know you guys wouldn't ask that question, hee hee! But seriously, I think many people are surprised at how urban Honolulu is. I live on O`ahu, and I live in Honolulu, so that means I live in the most densely populated part of all the Hawaiian Islands. Neighbor island kids and other people from other districts on the same island as me would call me a townie, and they wouldn't be wrong! I've lived in the same spot my entire life of 23 years. It is true it looks really urban; but there are still plenty of places you can find Hawai`i's beauty sans skyscrapers (like at the beach or on the other side of my island, or especially on the other islands)and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but here in my one hanau (oh-neigh- ha-now). Plus, it looks like a junky part of town because I actually live in the junky part of town (opposite of Waikiki, interesting no?)

2. Why is there so much smog?
Actually, it's mostly vog, which is volcanic fog. Right now the volcano Kilauea is really erupting on the Big Island, and it emits so much vog that most of the Hawaiian Islands are covered in it right now. Couple the vog with our trade winds not blowing, and you gotta whole lotta grey. It is hot. Actually, I'm excited because I will be going to the Big Island in June. I used to hike down in to the crater and run across it (I think it was like a 2 mile hike and a 2 mile run) but it was so exhilerating! I felt at peace, and it's not like it wasn't allowed; there was a trail you could take across the entire crater. But, I say WAS because now I hear you can't go across the crater anymore; it opened up and there is lava and crevices you can fall into! Neat!

Yeps, I am excited.
Here is some lunch I made today; I had to share because it was soooo YUMMY! It is masago tuna sushi, which is seaweed wrapped around cucumber and sushi rice (vinegar, sugar, water) and masago ahi poke, which is made with cubed raw ahi tuna, tobbiko (little fish eggs) mayonaisse (not gross, sooo good!) some green onions, shoyu (soy sauce) and lots and lots of wasabi. Omigosh, now I am hungry again, and it is 12:30 at night here. And I already ate 6 handroll sized sushi rolls today. Piggy piggy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day!

Hee hee, happy earth day everyone! I drew this low-tech pic using Microsoft Paint!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its coming!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric! It's a newish kokka fabric featuring really big flowers in different colors; I especially like this blue one because it reminds me of being a little kid. I've been trying to curve my fabric spending (as I'm running out of room for it all) and this pattern was so huge I wasn't sure what I could do with it in terms of the normal clutches and zippered pouches that I do. However, I've decided that once school is out for summer, I will make some purses, and these fabrics would look so cute made into a purse (I'm thinking a hobo with dark blue trim). Anyway, I finally broke down and bought some because fabricstash on etsy is having her anniversary sale, and her prices and service are really excellent even without a sale... check it out! I think the sale is only till April 20, so hurry up if you want even more savings!

I want these too...

Also, I entered the second annual softie contest; I would have told more people about it but I just read on etsy about it yesterday.... and yesterday was the last day to enter. I entered a bunch of categories, but here is an elephant of mine from the elephant category!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Origami fun

So, there was a really great post on howaboutorange the other day, which linked to a site with directions on how to make origami Japanese maple leaves. I am by no means an origami expert, so it took me a VERY long time to figure out how to make them according to the pictures and written directions. But once I did figure them out, it was SO much fun! I am addicted and there are billions of leaves all over the place.

Because it was a little difficult for me to figure out without seeing it actually done (I lie, it was VERY difficult because I am folding challenged; just look at my room), I thought it may be hard for other people to do too, and I haven't posted a tutorial in a long while so I figured I would post a video of me making a leaf. It's my first video, so it's blurry, my leaf didn't come out as nice as I can make them, and you can hear my dad coughing and my family talking in the background... but it should still help if you so have the desire to live in a forest of Japanese maple leaves!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shameless promotion...

Yay! I am featured in WHIMSYlove's treasury featuring sweet shrooms! Check it out here; it expires on Sunday!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, while berrysprite is on a semi hiatus, happyapplet is doing really well! I suspect it is because I was selling some snack fabric I got on my little adventure to California a while back, but... yeah! It's a little different, because with berrysprite, I try to space out my listings and am really concious of what I list and when. But with happyapplet, I just list whenever I find supplies I want to destash! I don't worry about views, or optimal listing time which is great. It is kinda hard starting from scratch again (like there aren't many listings you can use as a template when you want to list something new). Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it! Here are some stickers and papers from my stash which I'll be listing shortly in happyapplet... aren't they cute?

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