Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, while berrysprite is on a semi hiatus, happyapplet is doing really well! I suspect it is because I was selling some snack fabric I got on my little adventure to California a while back, but... yeah! It's a little different, because with berrysprite, I try to space out my listings and am really concious of what I list and when. But with happyapplet, I just list whenever I find supplies I want to destash! I don't worry about views, or optimal listing time which is great. It is kinda hard starting from scratch again (like there aren't many listings you can use as a template when you want to list something new). Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it! Here are some stickers and papers from my stash which I'll be listing shortly in happyapplet... aren't they cute?


  1. Would you mind sharing where you shop for Japanese fabric and other cute fabric while in Los Angeles? I am so close to LA, but I don't know where to shop, or how to go about looking for Japanese fabric shops. Any names of favorite stores? Any tips? Thank you! I love the new papers and stickers, and I love, love, love all the cuties at Berrysprite. I will have my Berrysprite menagerie someday :)

  2. I wish I knew! I never actually shopped in Los Angeles... I visited my sister in Orange County and had the biggest fabric spaz at JoAnn's; we don't have one in Hawai`i! I get my cute Japanese fabric from superbuzzy and reprodepot (although reprodepot has gotton kinda expensive with only a small selection). One really great place you can get the latest Japanese fabrics from is (not her etsy shop) She has the new red riding hood, alice in wonderland and woodland creatures!

  3. Holly !!!

    Is there a good place in hawaii for those kawaii stickers .My best friend is from there and can ask her to get me some if only I knew where .

  4. I ordered these from, but here in Hawaii you might ask your friend to try Marukai for all kinds of Kawaii stuff (though it's a little more limited now) also, Don Quixote and Hakubundo (hakubundo for japanese craft books)art box at ward center...I also found today; I WISH Hawaii had more Kawaii stuff (but then I'd be poor!)


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