Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indeed, that's how it happened

Sorry there have been no posts for a while. Don't ask me exactly how this happened, but somehow the memory card from my camera ended up in my glass of milk. Don't worry though, although the memory card is dead, the milk was fine.

Friday, April 23, 2010


This is the red mushroom that was sold as part of my update/thank you sale... I loved him so much, so you can be sure more will be coming out soon (in different colors!) You guys probably know how much I love mushrooms (especially the red dotted ones... like Mario only cuter!) Well I've been on a bit of a mushroom kick in the past few months, and I managed to snare these uber cool mushroom things!

Vintage mushroom house burner on etsy (for incense... although I liked it just because it was cute its good to know that it could be used for something, if I so choose!)

Salt and Pepper shakers... although all of them were listed as vintage on etsy, I've since found the red and yellow pair at other shops online; soooooo yeah.... not vintage. Still really cute though! Although they are currently out of stock now, you will probably be able to pick up some of these cute shakers for yourself (in the future, at least) from this online shop called plasticland which seems to have a really cool assortment of stuff anyway (such as this bread shaped cake pan.... I love it!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day!

I hope people had a nice day!

Although I didn't have time to think of anything particularly earthy, you can look at these old posts to make some cool things out of recyclables: A little booklet and a bottlecap pincushion. If you haven't seen them before, check them out! Big hugs :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yay, we have a winner!!!! The Random Number generator has picked... Iza!!!!!

Here was her post:
Iza said...

AWWWW I WANT!!!! HI HOLLY!!!! Yay for you on the land ROCK ON!!!! #70 for me :D picked by my sweet husband!!!

Well Iza, now I guess you have to share the naughty bearlet with your husband, hahaha!!! A big congratulations to you (and I actually don't need your email/address)!

Thanks so much everyone else who made my giveaway and sale a huge success! Also don't feel sad for not winning... I'm coming out with a special free amigurumi tutorial, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fimo cookies

Here are some fimo (actually I used sculpey III) cookies I made using tiny shape cutters and pins.... they're oreo/sandwich style, haha! I really like the way they turned out (especially the heart ones) but I kinda wish they looked more realistic... oh well, there's always next time! Anyway, these cookies are the cookies that I'm giving away with any amigurumi purchase in my shop during the berrysprite thank-you sale which, just a reminder, ends this Saturday! Thanks everyone who's purchased something from the sale/ entered the giveaway... it's going smashingly!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sale and Giveaway

* * * * * * Sale* * * * * *
Thank-you sale going on now, from this Sunday 4.11.10 to next Saturday 4.17.10, every purchase from my shop will be 20% off (not including shipping)! Additionally, any purchase of an amigurumi will come with a free fimo cookie! The discount will be taken off subtotal and a new paypal invoice will be sent to you... so please wait to pay until you receive the revised invoice! Also, there will be special shipping: because I want to list items throughout the week, (and you may find that you want something else after you've purchased) I will be combining all shipping for transactions from the same customer this week (unless otherwise requested by the customer). What does this mean? You'll pay the combined shipping rate for every purchase after the first; a much lower shipping rate!!! All shipping for purchases from the sale will take place on Monday 4.18.10 (unless the buyer specifies that they want it earlier). The picture above shows some of the things I'll be listing this week; let me know if you see anything you'd like!

* * * * * *Giveaway * * * * * *
Yay for giveaways! You can win this little naughty bear, crocheted with love by me out of purple and blue tweed wool yarn I got on the Big Island! Enter 4.11.10 to 4.17.10; choose a number between 1 and 75 and leave it on this post... please do not choose a number anyone else has chosen! Winner will be announced 4.18.10!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


To thank all you lovely people for being so wonderful (and to celebrate getting our dream property), berrysprite is having a sale! From this upcoming Sunday 4.11.10 to next Saturday 4.17.10, every purchase from my shop will be 20% off (not including shipping)! I will be adding a couple of things that I have on hand, so get ready for some super savings! Additionally, any purchase of an amigurumi will come with a free fimo cookie!

In addition (if you don't have/feel like spending the $$$), get ready to enter a giveaway the likes of which you've never seen here on berrysprite; that's right... up for grabs will be a beautiful needle felted-berrysprite bear! I have a soft spot for these bears; although they take more time, they look so cute!!! The bear up for grabs will be made with yarn that I purchased especially on the Big Island while I visited, a nice thank you for everyone who sent their good feelings our way and helped us to get our property! Further details about the sale and giveaway coming on Sunday... hope to see you all there!

Monday, April 5, 2010


The property is on the right... it will take some clearing but we've got time!

Hiya people! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend; I had the best Easter ever! We got the property we were hoping for, and I'm very sure that all your good feelings and wishes helped us heaps, so thanks a whole heap!

Anyway, I hadn't wanted to talk about it too early in case we didn't get it, but now that we have I wanted to share the story of our finding our property! After researching different properties for months, we talked to a real estate agent (friend of a family friend) and scheduled to fly up to the Big Island (at 5 am!) . We spent maybe 1/2 the day driving all over Puna, on the Big Island and while the properties we saw were nice, they weren't exactly what we were looking for. After we left the tour with the real estate agents, we tried to find a couple other properties on our own but it was pretty hard; we didn't have a map so we could only really find the ones that were along the highway. I had wanted to look at a specific piece of property in particular, but the directions given with the listing were really bad; all we had to go on was a road name. We were so tired from looking at properties and from getting up so early ( I personally wasn't able to sleep for a couple of nights before we flew up... I get insomnia) that we decided to give up and drive back toward the airport. Well on the way back I spotted the road! We drove up it and arrived at the property and it was EXACTLY what we had been looking for!

This piece is about .07 miles away from the highway (so not noisy at all, but still close enough so commuting won't be that bad), 1.7 acres (huge considering our apartment is 800 sq. ft. and there are 5 of us living here!) and is on county water with electricity available... county water and electricity are so important because (most) places on the Big Island don't have it (and if it does it's crazy expensive)! There are lots of nice houses around it, and most importantly for me, a POST OFFICE, right below the hill! All of the other properties we had looked at were less than an acre for much more expensive, (and farther away from the main town) so I was in love!!! Needless to say our low bid (on a price that was already severely undervalued for what the property offered) was accepted on Friday, and I've been on cloud nine ever since!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story; it was very much a good fortune/karmic find! I mean, we had given up, and then the very last property that we go to just by chance is the one we get! It has everything we wanted and more... it was funny too because we looked at the property late in the afternoon so it had a yellowy surreal glow around it.... shiny golden light beckoning us to buy it! And to top it all off, the place where the lot is located is called "Happy Homes," hahahaha! So thank you once again for all the good wishes and love... I'll be sure to repay you guys soon; I promise! :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Calendar

Yay, on time this time! It's simpler than the others I've made, but still cute I think. Go to my flickr to download... for some reason I can't remember my photobucket password and after trying to guess like 20 times it temporarily locked me out. So, just go to my flickr... enjoy lovely people!
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