Friday, April 23, 2010


This is the red mushroom that was sold as part of my update/thank you sale... I loved him so much, so you can be sure more will be coming out soon (in different colors!) You guys probably know how much I love mushrooms (especially the red dotted ones... like Mario only cuter!) Well I've been on a bit of a mushroom kick in the past few months, and I managed to snare these uber cool mushroom things!

Vintage mushroom house burner on etsy (for incense... although I liked it just because it was cute its good to know that it could be used for something, if I so choose!)

Salt and Pepper shakers... although all of them were listed as vintage on etsy, I've since found the red and yellow pair at other shops online; soooooo yeah.... not vintage. Still really cute though! Although they are currently out of stock now, you will probably be able to pick up some of these cute shakers for yourself (in the future, at least) from this online shop called plasticland which seems to have a really cool assortment of stuff anyway (such as this bread shaped cake pan.... I love it!)


  1. YEAH HOLLY! That's my shroom!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so!!! Too cute >_<

    Those shakers are to die for! SOOOOOOOOOO FLIPPING CUTE!!!

    Thanks for the great sale!

    Rebecca :)

  2. The first Mushroom craft is reallyyyy cute ! I love it !

  3. omg !!! holly those mushroom salt & pepper shakers are soooooo mickeyflicky cute!!!i love all your amigurumi b/c you are a FABULOUS creative person!!!

  4. Awww, thanks for all the sweetie comments guys! Here's hoping you guys will be able to snag some cutie mushroom shakers too!

  5. omg all of them are soooo kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!! but: o rlly??? Sandwich Cake???


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