Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cloud 9 by paperchase

Gaaaah! Why, Paperchase, why? Why must you tempt me with your evil cuteness at a time when I am strapped for cash?!

Haha, have you guys seen the new line of uber kawaii items from UK stationary designer Paperchase, aptly named Cloud 9 (because if you get any, you'll likely be on cloud 9!) I saw a post about it by the girls over at supercutekawaii, and now I must needs some cuteness! Luckily, Borders Books stocks Paperchase, and we still have a few Borders here in the Islands (but I don't know if they are stocking it yet????). Time to bust out the giftcards!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fun stuff!!!

Look at what I found on my vacation... it's an "eco-friendly alternative to paper (or plastic) cups!" only they still look like paper/ plastic cups... hee hee, funny! They're made by a company called Copco, who also make other products with being green in mind. Having a cup of something from a coffee establishment is kinda like a status symbol to some people... which is why I'm pretty sure Copco decided to make their thermoses look like disposable cups! But other than that, you can take these cups into your favorite coffee/juice/tea/smoothie place and ask them to put your drink into it... that way you use less cups and help to save some earthly resources :D

Anyway, I bought one as a souvenir from my vacation... it was $9.99 at the Hilo Ben Franklin store. I actually never drink coffee, and even though I prefer tea, I rarely drink it (seriously, its too hot in Hawai`i!). Because of this I chose the clear plastic "cold beverage to go cup" which I really like! It's a nice, heavy plastic, and the straw is substantial too... the lid is even screw on, and there is a plastic wraparound on the cup so that your hand doesn't get condensation on it. The only thing is I wish it was a little smaller; 24 oz is like the biggest size at starbucks/coffee bean/ other coffee establishments. Since I'll most likely be using my cup to classy on up some nice unsexy water, the bright side is that now I can carry 24 oz of cold goodness from the school's water fountain to my office :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm back!

From where I am taking the picture to a little past my dad (the guy in black) down at the other end... that's the size of our HUUUUUGE property!

I'm back, and I had a wonderful trip! The Big Island was GORGEOUS as usual, and it was nice to have a little vacation. We checked out our property and it grew so much in just a few months... the grass is really tall now! Also, we found out that they are going to be paving the road in front of our property (it was previously a gravel road) which was a super nice surprise... we literally drove up to the property and saw some construction peoples and they told us they were paving :D

Ohia Lehua... even the little buds are so pretty!

I was able to get a lot of work done this past week after I got back from the Big Island, so I'm considering opening my shop up for a week with some new amigurumi and pouches and stuff, and then putting it on vacation until mid-August or so... I'm starting a newish job at the end of August so I want to make sure I get enough time to do research for school stuff before I do more fun berrysprite stuff. We'll see. Anyway, it's good to be back, even if it is just for a week or so :D

Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures from my trip... I ended up not taking that many and just taking in the scenery with my own eyes (like that John Mayer song, haha!)

Some endangered Nene geese that flew right next to us while we were sitting at the park

Halemaumau Crater... you used to be able to hike to the rim (I liked to stand on the edge!) but they've closed everything off South of the crater... the trails, the roads, everything!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Island, here I come!!!

This map shows all the lava zones for the Big Island... Kilauea is a really active volcano!!! Our property in the lava zone 3 above the black line above the word Kilauea.... which is comparatively pretty good!

I had a really great birthday guys. thanks so much. I got some truly awesome presents too, if I get the chance I'll make sure to show you some of the ones I love most!

Dun-dun-da-dah!!! Also, I'm going to the Big Island this weekend!!! Fortunately I was able to get most of my business done before tomorrow (we leave at 4:30 am.... that's when it was like $100 cheaper; I always do red-eye flights, haha!). I've put my shop in vacation mode and I'll be a little on the quiet side for a couple of days; I'll show you pics of my trip and tell you all about it when I get back!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Amigurumi small takochu tutorial

NOTE: Edited to fix stitches in R2 and R3!

Yay, thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! To celebrate (and also because I promised to post one a long time ago), I made this special amigurumi crochet pattern; it's based off of those takochu I love so much... so if you haven't gotten a takochu yet, now you can make your own; for free! Note: This pattern uses the "magic ring technique" so if you haven't gotten it down yet, visit this site!

Feel free to make these for your friends and family, but if you are going to sell them I'd really appreciate a shout out that credits me for the design (and maybe even link to my blog!) Also please don't distribute the pattern. Thanks in advance guys!

Abbreviation Guide:
R#= Row Number
sc= single crochet stitch
slip/st= slip stitch
dec= decrease
st= stitch
♥---♥= set of stitches to repeat while crocheting in the round
dc= double crochet stitch

To begin: Use a magic ring with 6 stitches to start. (Alternately you could Ch 2, sc 6 in the second st from the hook; join ends with a slip/st in the first sc (6 st)
R1: ♥2 sc in each stitch around♥, Repeat 6 times (12 st)
R2: ♥1 sc , then 2 sc in next st♥, Repeat 6 times (18 st)
R3: ♥2 sc, then 2 sc in next st♥, Repeat 6 times (24 st)
R4- R6: sc all the way around (24 st)
R7: ♥dec 1, 2 sc♥, repeat 6 times (18 st)
R8: ♥dec 1, 1 sc♥, repeat 6 times (12 st)
R9: ♥dec 1♥, repeat 6 times (6 st)

Tentacles (they should look like a flower when done):
To begin: Use a magic ring with 8 stitches to start. (Alternately you could Ch 2, sc 8 in the second st from the hook; join ends with a slip/st in the first sc) (8 st)
R1: ♥2 sc in each stitch around♥, Repeat 8 times (16 st)
R2: ♥5 dc in one stitch, skip one stitch, slip/st in the next stitch♥ repeat 5 times

Use the magic ring technique to crochet an "O" mouth. Do not pull the O closed!

Stuff the body with polyfil. Use a tapestry/ yarn needle to close the stuffed body with the tentacles. Sew the mouth "O" to the body. Use a hot glue gun to glue the eyes onto your takochu. Decorate with felt, sequins or other pretty shiny things!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I drew this today; it's me working on my thesis, which I've been super good about because I've been really good about working on it almost every day. I think somebody once left a comment on one of my posts asking what my thesis was about, and I don't think I've ever answered... my thesis is going to be about conceptions slavery in the Hawaiian Kingdom as a result of the American Civil War (doesn't that sound like such a history-thing to be writing about?) Anyway, that's why I've been kinda out of the loop with everything (blog posts getting later and later... and less substantial; no listing or making new items....) Hope everyone else's day was filled with activities that were more fun than writing and thinking!

PS.* I don't really have snaggle teeth, but I think the teeth show that I'm screaming better. And also, that weird thing on my forehead is from figuratively banging my head on my desk.*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What is that?!

One of my friends is learning how to crochet and she's getting a bit frustrated... I can remember the feeling! Over the years I've had a lot of people lately complimenting me on my crocheting/ berrysprite skills (thanks so much!), but I've also had a lot of people asking for help and guidance, which I try to give as much as I can. The thing is, it's one thing to have someone else tell you that you're doing a great job and to keep working through the difficulties of crocheting and another to actually be trying; and rectifying the two can be frustratingly slow. So I thought that I'd share some pictures of my first amigurumi to give everyone who's trying to learn but getting really bogged down and depressed a bit of perspective.... and ultimately to show that absolutely no one starts off making perfect amigurumi to begin with!

I know right? You're first question is... what is that?! This was my very very first amigurumi... I was trying to make a mushroom! As you can see, I don't even have the stitches right (I didn't properly learn how to make a sc [single crochet stitch] until like a year AFTER I started selling on etsy... no joke!) and my tension is all off. I think my sister's words in describing this mushroom were "It looks like a dorky lollipop" (she is now the proud owner of said dorky lollipop).

Here is my very first fruit amigurumi (with my same demented stitches)... you can see that you even need to learn how to decorate your amigurumi!!!

So, with all of that my only bit of advice for now is to keep going... maybe watch an instructional video or two...its really great that now-a-days there are TONS of how to videos on crocheting on youtube and various other places, and those can help you a lot (because there's nothing like seeing someone actually making the stitches for you to know exactly how you're supposed to hold the needle, where the yarn is supposed to go, etc. (P.S. I hope to be posting some videos and more crocheting tutorials in the future, just give me time guys and I promise one day they will be yours!) The main thing to remember is: when you get frustrated and think that no one will want your amigurumi, or that they're ugly, or whatever it is you're thinking, just remember that you always have to start somewhere, and that with patience and time (and of course hard work) you can do almost anything!

My mushrooms now!!! You can do it guys, just keep at it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visit my friend Melly Kay at Cute Stew!

Remember how I mentioned in an offhand way that my blog/cozies/ stuff has been getting a lot of attention lately? Well head on over to the superbly awesome Cute Stew! The lovely Melly Kay has featured berrysprite in a BIG way on Cute Stew... it's really great. Now, I wouldn't send you over there just to read about me and berrysprite, nuh-uh nosireebob; Cute Stew is so much fun! Besides things like Music Mondays and Melly Kay's wicked awesome photography/ graphic illustration skills (which make things look like they are in magazines!) she also encourages readers to join in; I was really drawn in by her efforts to support local businesses across the US and world this summer... Melly Kay posts prompts and that encourage readers to photograph, document and share their local experiences... through food, shopping, etc! Plus Melly Kay is the sweetest girl ever, and the blog itself is very hip and cool, and definitely So... Much... FUN!!!!
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