Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fun stuff!!!

Look at what I found on my vacation... it's an "eco-friendly alternative to paper (or plastic) cups!" only they still look like paper/ plastic cups... hee hee, funny! They're made by a company called Copco, who also make other products with being green in mind. Having a cup of something from a coffee establishment is kinda like a status symbol to some people... which is why I'm pretty sure Copco decided to make their thermoses look like disposable cups! But other than that, you can take these cups into your favorite coffee/juice/tea/smoothie place and ask them to put your drink into it... that way you use less cups and help to save some earthly resources :D

Anyway, I bought one as a souvenir from my vacation... it was $9.99 at the Hilo Ben Franklin store. I actually never drink coffee, and even though I prefer tea, I rarely drink it (seriously, its too hot in Hawai`i!). Because of this I chose the clear plastic "cold beverage to go cup" which I really like! It's a nice, heavy plastic, and the straw is substantial too... the lid is even screw on, and there is a plastic wraparound on the cup so that your hand doesn't get condensation on it. The only thing is I wish it was a little smaller; 24 oz is like the biggest size at starbucks/coffee bean/ other coffee establishments. Since I'll most likely be using my cup to classy on up some nice unsexy water, the bright side is that now I can carry 24 oz of cold goodness from the school's water fountain to my office :D

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  1. I have seen those! I saw the coffee cup one (the one not see though.) there really cute!


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