Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cloud 9 by paperchase

Gaaaah! Why, Paperchase, why? Why must you tempt me with your evil cuteness at a time when I am strapped for cash?!

Haha, have you guys seen the new line of uber kawaii items from UK stationary designer Paperchase, aptly named Cloud 9 (because if you get any, you'll likely be on cloud 9!) I saw a post about it by the girls over at supercutekawaii, and now I must needs some cuteness! Luckily, Borders Books stocks Paperchase, and we still have a few Borders here in the Islands (but I don't know if they are stocking it yet????). Time to bust out the giftcards!


  1. yes borders is EVIL b/c i too shouldn't be buying stuff but DARN paperchase does make some cute stuff.i haven't seen that design yet at my borders but what's great is that if you sign up for their rewards card they send you an email weekly that has a discount coupon that ranges from 30%-40% off one item.i love borders:oD

  2. i have the pencil case on the top far right :D i love paperchase


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