Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visit my friend Melly Kay at Cute Stew!

Remember how I mentioned in an offhand way that my blog/cozies/ stuff has been getting a lot of attention lately? Well head on over to the superbly awesome Cute Stew! The lovely Melly Kay has featured berrysprite in a BIG way on Cute Stew... it's really great. Now, I wouldn't send you over there just to read about me and berrysprite, nuh-uh nosireebob; Cute Stew is so much fun! Besides things like Music Mondays and Melly Kay's wicked awesome photography/ graphic illustration skills (which make things look like they are in magazines!) she also encourages readers to join in; I was really drawn in by her efforts to support local businesses across the US and world this summer... Melly Kay posts prompts and that encourage readers to photograph, document and share their local experiences... through food, shopping, etc! Plus Melly Kay is the sweetest girl ever, and the blog itself is very hip and cool, and definitely So... Much... FUN!!!!


  1. I was just over at her blog yesterday and commented on her post about her. I love her! The local feature is my new fave over there.

  2. aww thanks!! you rock ;)

    (you too Ashley!)


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