Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Sally Hanson Nail Art pens

I've always loved painting my nails; When I was in grade school, I even used to color them with pencils and pens... white-out was also a favorite of mine! Unfortunately, I've never been able to master the level of artistry that allows a person to draw all kinds of pretty/kawaii/ cool things on their nails (hey, those nail polish brushes are huge!) and whenever I tried, I would inevitably end up ruining my paint job and just taking it all off anyway. So even though I loved painting my nails, it was quite frustrating that the best designs I could make consisted of misshapen polka dots.

Enter Sally Hansen's Nail Art pens! I generally like Sally Hansen nail polish and these pens are no different. In fact, they take the difficulty out of making designs on your nails... they are essentially nail polish in pen form, which makes it very easy and quick to draw. I was a little skeptical at first, because I've tried other nail pens which just ended up not having enough or too much nail polish to ball point ratio. However these were fantastic! I tried the white and dark pink colors and I loooove them. You use them just like a pen; just make sure your nail polish is completely dry, and seal your design with a top coat (I like glitter polish)

They cost around $5-$10 each... which seems expensive but is not bad considering the price of a mani/pedi! All of a sudden, my nail art repertoire has been expanded from mere dots to flowers, skulls and bunnies... so many possibilities!

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  1. Thats totally awesome ^_^ I've only had one Mani and that was for my wedding I got the fake nail french look and LOVED it but that is way to much money for me to spend on a regular basis and I think it would be hard or at least take awhile to get used to crocheting with nails like that. I do love seeing pictures of crazy nail art and the japanese are wildly crazy good at it. I myself have never mastered even painting my nails fully without getting it all over my fingers and thus never really bother painting my nails and now the only nail polish I have is halloween stuff lol.

    I like your nails though, makes me want to give it a try :)

    Hugs and Kisses


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