Friday, October 26, 2007


Busy again this week; I've decided to limit the amount of custom orders I can take starting November 7th. I know, it seems really early but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I'm going to try and give myself a little break from crocheting this weekend (although I still have many custom orders) and get to sewing some new pouches with my fantabulous stash of fabrics. I mailed a bunch of packages today, hence the picture! Some of my amigurumi, such as the cupcake, are too big for my traditional packaging so I had to get a new type of bag... they are really cute-cellophane with little strawberries on them. I decided to tie them with yarn, which kinda makes sense because my amigurumi are made with yarn. I also listed some new little bearlets, this fuzzy plush one sold within an hour or two! I will miss him...


  1. they look so pretty all wrapped and ready to go!

  2. It all looks so delicious! I am so jealous of those lucky ones who will receive those packages. I still wish for a shadow box wall of Berrysprite goodness. I guess I should ask my husband for some money so I can get my custom order in before it's too late. Everything keeps getting more adorable in the land of Berrysprite. I want it all :)



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