Friday, November 20, 2009

Vintage goodies

From Top left- bowls:Seasidevintage, lamp:hindsvik, shipbottle:spacejam, fire earrings:morelooseends, flower clock:postroadvintage, train case:atticowl, scarf:fabriquefantastique, buttons:Lillianolive, pearltree earrings:silverflame

Have you guys spent any time looking through the Vintage pages on Etsy? I've mostly tried to stick with thepages for kawaii supplies like fabric etc (I have to limit what I look at because I'm basically addicted to etsy) but my mushroom kick had me looking through the vintage sections for some cute mushrooms... and now I wonder how I've lived to twenty-five years old without looking at the Vintage section! I'm amazed and simultaneously appalled at how much stuff I want! (though this may be due to the fact that here in Hawai`i we have a wayyy different flavor of vintage than in the Mainland, so its pretty much all brand new to me!). Anyway, I live in an apartment right now (with very limited space) but I can't help but pretend that I'm interior designing a brick-and-mortar eclectic berrysprite store for myself when I look at some of this stuff! My absolute favorite things from this compilation of goodies are the tangerine train case and the super cute tiny ship in a bottle (which has since sold :[... gotta scoop it up fast people!). Consequently I think I might need a ship in a bottle for Christmas :D


  1. I LOVE the vintage pages on Etsy, and I can easily spend far too much time browsing through them. THere's some amazing stuff! Just try searching for salt and pepper shakers my god the wonders you will see!

  2. Oh I adore the vintage section of etsy. It is so addictive!


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