Sunday, November 15, 2009


Gintama...I love this anime! While it took a while for it to get good (say... 10 episodes?) I now really can't live without the jokes, the voice work and the artistry of this anime; its soooo funny! A big part of the comedy comes from the fact that Gintama is an anime that makes fun of the genre of anime. Basically it's about a washed-up samurai, hypoglycemic hero (Gintoki Sakata) who makes a living doing odd-jobs in a post Amanto alien-takeover Edo (Tokyo). Gin-san picks up a young apprentice named Shinpachi, after Gin saves Shinpachi's sister. Gin and Shinpachi are joined by Kagura, a freakishly strong alien girl who looks up to Gin as well. The series follows their jobs and interactions with former friends and enemies during a time when being a samurai is illegal... but still a source of pride for most humans. Gintama isn't exactly for kids (for example, there's a ninja with hemmorhoids, a couple of butt-afro jokes, and a recurring neo-armstrong cannon... you'll get it if you watch!) but it's just right for people with an odd sense of humor!

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