Friday, June 22, 2007

New fabrics (again)

Okay, so Kaimuki Dry Goods was having a 81st anniversary sale, so I couldn't resist checking it out. The ad in the paper said "Japanaese cottons-$4.98, regular price to $14.98" so it was too much to pass up! And then I got there and realized the sale stuff was only on this little table. Of course all the fabrics I wanted were NOT on sale, boo. But, the most amazing thing is, they had these cute japanese fabrics! The little old lady who was cutting them said they had just gotten them in last week, and they were already almost gone (she was really cute, she wouldn't cut over the patterns, only around them!). I was seriously debating if I should get them, because as you know I've already gone on two previous fabric binges. I had to get them though, and they are sooooo cute! I haven't even had time to do anything with all my other fabrics, so I'll just add these to the pile I keep unfolding to touch and look at lovingly. This little froggy one I've never seen before, so it is my definite favorite!

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  1. Hi Holly! Now I am invading your blog :) I love the new fabric. Do you happen to know the name or number of the fabric? You-know-who would love that pani fabric. Maybe I can order some over the phone. A pillow case would be fantastic (oh, to sleep on pani heads). Also, do you happen to know of any fabric stores in Maui that carry all those cute Japanese prints? We will be visiting Maui the first week of August. I would like to bring some great fabric home.


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