Saturday, June 23, 2007

Food of the gods

So I am working on making my blog easy on the eyes. For those of you who are faithful readers/ etsy viewers, please let me repay the favor; send me YOUR blog address and I'll add it to my list :D
Here is what I am eating, it is so ono (delicious). If you like sashimi, you'll absolutely looove this (if you don't like raw fish, avert yer eyes!). In Hawaii we have poke (poh-kay)which is cubes of raw fish, usually ahi or aku(skipjack tuna)mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, chili flakes, green and white onions, sometimes seaweed, and sesame seeds. You can also make it with boiled octopus and kimchi sauce, or any other seafood, or tofu. It's pretty healthy and it tastes sooooo goood, not fishy at all! When I was in the mainland for college this is what I really wanted... my friend came home from college and ate all the poke his family was saving for dinner and then got sick (it was like 3 pounds of poke though, I'm pretty sure if you eat three pounds of anything you'll get sick).

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