Tuesday, June 26, 2007

new and improved pachiderm

When I first started crocheting, I had a really hard time designing my elephant, which is weird because it is really just a series of crocheted tubes. My very first one looked like a pink anteater, and my second that sold on etsy had felt instead of crocheted ears. I was asked by a different customer for the felt-eared elephant, but now I'm so much better at crocheting that I crocheted the ears and then put felt on them (and I actually wrote down how I did it). The result? SOOOOOOO CUTE! And she loved it so much, she wanted another one for her boyfriend so I added sweet little tusks (I think I like the boy one better)! They look so kawaii; I want one for myself (so far I only have a tiny mushroom for myself... hee hee). Yep, I plan on making lots of elephants for my shop; next is a light blue one, maybe with a little apple (once I finish my orders that is)!

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