Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So, the bad thing about not being a pro at crocheting is that I have no idea as to how to proportionally increase or decrease the size of amigurumi. So for this special request amigurumi (a 10" panda mommy with a panda bearlet baby), I had to take out the head and make it bigger, then smaller, and then bigger again. Arrrgh. I think I may have OCD because when I start a part of an amigurumi, I MUST finish it, no matter how many times I had to take it out and try again, or how late it is or whatever. The good thing is, once I figure it out for the first time, I write it down and then I'll have it forever. To make the panda bigger than normal, I also had to buy thicker yarn and use a size H needle (usually I use F). It was actually lucky that the customer wanted a panda, because I could only find thick yarn in black and white! Anyway, all that work paid off, because the mommy and baby panda are extremely cute... I'll post a finished picture later!

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