Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In a mailbox far, far away

A-crafting still... Makin' a whole bunch of pandas and flowers. But I'm also brainstorming what I want in my shop when I get the chance to refill it (have you seen it? It's practically empty space!) I really want to make a little amigurumi chicken, with a red comb and yellow beak. Also, a cupcake with a strawberry on top! Oh, the possibilities. I also can't wait to put other stuff in my shop like earring studs, keychains and those sucker things that stick on your windowshield (mine will have small amigurumi attached). Anyway, been doing a lot of job stuff at the archives, so that's why I'm slow right now. The good thing about it is there is a post office right next to the archives (and the royal palace, I kid you not) and there is a mailbox that is R2D2! The label on the box says: uspsjedimaster... Hil-a-rious. I haven't actually mailed anything out of this box though, out of respect for little R2; I go to the ugly boxes.

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