Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday musings

I must say, busy is what I am. I've been showing my friend from California around the island, and it was raining, so we just drove around for FOUR hours. We literally drove across the same mountain range three times, on each of the three highways. And the whole time I was with him I was like, "Man, I wish I could be crocheting to catch up on my orders!" On top of that, I have to figure out how to tell the author of the manuscript I'm editing that his premise for the first chapter doesn't jive with Hawaiian culture and that he needs to accept my revisions or there will be no book. It's my way or the highway (but I feel bad because he's an old man and he's alreadty frustrated with the publishers). And my other friend called and she wants to visit too; I haven't called her back yet because I don't want her to visit me! I am so mean. I had to take a break from being mean by making business cards... when I draw cute things I calm down a lot. Also, my bird calms me down. Here he is in my pen bag waiting for me to play with him. He got some pen on him, so now it looks like he has half of a green mustache.

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