Tuesday, July 31, 2007

wee bearlet

Whew, still busy on the manuscript, and I just realized that my summer's going to be cut short because I have to go and learn how to be a TA. Boo, I miss those carefree days of crafting ( but I guess that's part of growing up :). Only four more chapters left in the manuscript (see, I have too been working hard, even on weekends!)

Did a whole bunch of sewing zippered pouches and pajama shorts (shorts are for me) this weekend; I can't wait for next weekend to perfect my clutches and drawstring pouches.

Here is another custom order for a wee bearlet, especially for a blythe or pullip doll; I must say he came out cute! About 2.5" (6cm), the hardest part were his arms and legs.

Still trying to figure out my fall classes; Does two seminars, a language and two regular graduate classes sound like too much? Methinks maybe... I can't wait to register for classes though because then I can maybe get a parking stall at school (otherwise I have to walk and wake up an hour earlier). Walking will be good for me though, I know, I just don't want to be known as "that sweaty TA."


  1. VERY CUTE; great picture!

    I don't want to grow up.

  2. that is one cute bearlet !!
    I don't think you should grow up...I am 29 and haven't grown up yet...hahahaha!!

  3. dont´t grow up! i want to be tiny like my amigurumi forever hehe ^__^
    I really love this cute bear!
    Good luck ^__________________^


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