Sunday, July 1, 2007

New craftiness for my store!

Yay, I finally had time to start some of the other projects I had in mind, as I'm down to my last 5 or so orders! Its been so great having all these custom orders, but I'm so happy to be doing something a little different, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Here are some earrings that I made using those craft earstuds (I believe they are surgical steel or nickel plated). The little flowers are actually glass beads that I got in two shops here in Hawaii; Bead It! and Bella Beads. Bead It! is pretty expensive, but if you are only buying a few beads, they are okay. Bella Beads has great selection and are less expensive, but every time I drive by, they are closed! They turned out really cute; since jewelry listings tend to get buried, I will list them sporadically in my shop so everyone will get a chance to see the cuteness. Also, I will be making some bags out of this really cute material! I LOVE the fruits so hard. Is the pattern familiar to anyone? No? It is a vinyl tablecloth from K-mart! I was originally worried that it would be hard to sew (not true, its really thin) and then I was worried that iron-in interfacing would melt it (low setting, quick motions). Yays! I will be making clutches and zippered pouches shortly! I'm so happy :)


  1. Cuteness! I think I want some earrings. I am glad you are able to work on other crafts that fuel your creativity. It's good for the crafting soul :) and good for us!

  2. hahaha seriously, I saw that tablecloth at k-mart and I thought it was adorable. That's hilarious! :) You're so creative!!!


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