Tuesday, July 10, 2007

books and buttons

So I went to the Friends of the Library Booksale last week and I never got around to posting it! They had literally thousands of books, which they were constantly replenishing... as soon as you were done with one box they put out another! It was very crowded and sweaty because it was in a school cafeteria, but it was worth it; I got some stamp books, a japanese map book and some really cute kids books. This little girl was so sweet (and totally absorbed in the fairytales), I had to take her picture. Hopefully I'll be able to make some buttons out of my books using my future button machine. :)

Speaking of buttons, I scored these really cool buttons which you
can cover with fabric yourself for really great prices! So expect to see some really cool stuff out of those babies. There is a cool tutorial on how-about-orange, (see previous post for link)on how to make these types of buttons into nifty thumbtacks. Her blog is so cool; I envy her blogging skills.


  1. Books! I love books, especially kid ones! And buttons, I love buttons! Those are the bestest kind because you can make them extra special with your extra cute fabrics!

    Oh by the way, tag...you're it! (if you want to play..haha)

  2. awww, no time! have fun playing tag!


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