Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baby birds!

We went to the botanical gardens again today to have a picnic... I was putting my crochet stuff on the table (yes I crochet practially everywhere. sigh.) and then I looked down and I saw..... BABY BIRDS! They were just sitting on the grass and I nearly stepped on them! I started screaming like crazy because I came that close to stepping on them both, and they didn't even move or make a sound. They were mejiro birds, also known as japanese white eye bird, which are these tiny green birds we have in Hawaii. They were only about an inch and a half long (4cm) I kid you not. I was going to take them home but their momma and daddy were right there in the tree; they were in the middle of a flying lesson (I know because I went away and watched what was happening)! Here they are... aren't they adorable? I have too many birds already though, so its good that they had their family. I tell you, I am a baby bird/ wounded animal magnet. Yes, I feel inspired by their pretty color... perhaps some green in my store would be nice.


  1. So precious. Were they good at flying? Thanks for sharing this; it is nice to see Hawaiian wildlife!

  2. Thank goodness you did not step on them!!! I think I would have been screaming, too! What a close call. ;)

  3. oh they are SO cute, i'm sure they would have loved living with you but I'm glad their mummy and daddy were with them :-)


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