Friday, July 20, 2007

I've been so busy, I haven't even had time to do my blog! It's been nothing for my store or anything good though, just this manuscript! Huh. Frustrating. No worries though, I have resolved the conflicts within myself through blogging once again. Here is a custom order for a tiny lamb that was in my store for only a couple hours; the girl who bought it was really sweet. It was supposed to be based on the other lamb I had with grey arms, ears and legs, but I forgot and made him all cream colored. She loved it anyway, and bought it lightning quick! This is a special tiny amigurumi, made especially for a blythe or pullip doll.

I had one customer who requested a custom order who never contacted me again after I told her it was ready, so I was a little mad about that, because I feel like a reserved item loses its exposure to the etsy world when it isn't listed as a "free" item and when people don't buy it, it may be harder to sell. But then yay! Someone super nice bought it! So far all of my other custom order customers have been the nicest, nicest people; so patient and excited (it makes me happy) :)

Here is something I hope to post a tutorial for soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend: a little berry! I'm thinking you could stick it on an amigurumi or make it into a key chain like I did for one customer.

Seriously, you guys have the best ideas... so many things in my store are from ideas of truly brilliant people! Thanks readers and customers for all of your ingenious suggestions!


  1. orrr these are super cute ! youmust be really patient to make them so small, love them . Sarah x

  2. I love your little lamb, he is so cute! Looking forward to the tute, Clare :)

  3. The lamb is wooly cute! And those strawberries are berry cute, too! I can't crochet...but I want to see the tutorial!!! Yah!

    By the way, thanks for the super kind words! You made my day a little...a lot brighter. :)


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