Sunday, July 8, 2007

Handmade stickers a-comin'

I got one of those little sticker machines about a month ago, and I've been sending them out with some of my packages since then. So I was thinking, maybe its about time I put some in my shop. Tada! Fun fruits hand drawn and cut out by me! Depending if these do well or not, I'll have sea creatures, mushrooms etc. I've also been working on some felt pins (i've got a really good idea for a jellyfish one)and sewing some zippered pouches. Just you guys wait till I get my birthday presents... I'll hopefully have some really cool japanese pouches in my shop after that! Meanwhile, check out this awesome awesome blog with a cutie tutorial on bottlecap pincushions...neato!It's here -> howaboutorange . I need some bottlecaps real bad; better drink some liter cola!


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