Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June's feature amigurumi and free desktop calendar download!

Yay, I'm not too late this month (only three or so days... an improvement for my normal 5!) Here is June's free desktop calendar, available for download at my photobucket or flickr.

Featuring Baguette, the sweet Paris kitty! She's ready to eat bon-bons at the cafe decked out in her pretty skirt, classic pearls and jaunty beret; she and Monsieur penguin are ready for a wonderful day!

Baguette was named by my sister, and she actually took a while to make! She is the first of my eyes to feature handpainted eyes (I did them... I think they look cute!) She also features:
  • a tulle skirt sewn by hand-it was so hard to sew
  • a little crocheted beret
  • champagne colored pearls
  • three bon-bons in parchment paper (made from fimo, handpainted and glazed)
  • a polka-dotted felt placemat
  • and my personal favorite; a blue and white penguin, who is my first dual colored pom-pom.
I hope you like Baguette :D She'll be for sale in my etsy sometime this week or next.


  1. Oops...we're already in June...
    Thanks a lot for this cutie June desktop ;)

  2. wow too cute I have to get the desktop pic thats such a good idea I love it :) it is now on one of my 2 screens (big nird >.<) :P can't wait to see the next one.

  3. Her pearls are killing me! I love her!

  4. So beautiful! I just love them!

  5. What a cute calender & the Bear is adorable !!

  6. Holly- she is GORGEOUS!!! I would *LOVE* to give her a new home xoxo

  7. hola, quisiera saber ocmo pusiste la imagen que aparece de primeras... como un avisooo gracias, esta genial tu blog, apsate por el mio :p


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