Saturday, June 6, 2009

House/ Dog & Cat Sitting

I've been off of crafting this entire week because I'm house sitting for friends of mine; Vlad (his real name is Vladimir... funny dog!) here has a strong attachment to people and he can't sleep home alone. He's really funny; he's a beagle mix and he's currently watching me type with one ear flipped up over his head- I don't think he's noticed yet :D I'm also watching two cats, Jan and Klaus. I've never had this many animals to watch before (lovebirds, fish and snails don't count... they're low maintenance!) It's actually kinda tiring. I can only imagine what kids are like!

Anyway, their house is super big, and there's nobody here; you would think I could craft like mad... I even brought all of my sewing supplies (along with research and school books) so that I could get some work done, but I just can't get into crafting here. I have been working on fabric though, so at least that's something. Here's just a little bit of Vlad to leave you with... I often lie like this myself, although I don't think I smile like this!


  1. Vlad is a handsome fellow! And your friends are very lucky to have you stay and take care of their little ones...

  2. Aww too cute I wish I could have pets I at least have a bearded dragon.. which makes me think I should have a pic of him up.

  3. Haha, I had to google bearded dragon; we can't have big reptiles like that here in Hawaii. I really wish we could have different pets here (many of types of animals as pets are illegal here because of their potential to damage the ecosystem); I think a sugar glider or a hedgehog would be so cool!

  4. Ah he's gorgeous! Nice house too!


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