Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vinyl wishes

I turned in the editing sample I had due for a possible job... wish me luck (and also thanks for everyone who already has.... you guys give me such good karma!)

So because I was done I started snooping around for a good gift for myself, thanks for the suggestions about the Nintendo DS versus the Ipod- I think it might be an Ipod touch for now; my sister got one when she bought a new Mac, because Apple is having a promotion where if you buy a new Mac, you get a free Ipod Touch (so if you need a new computer and you're a teacher or student, go get one now)! So I got to play with hers and it is pretty awesome... I think the biggest draws for me are the fact that you can use your ipod like an ocarina (an instrument in the Zelda videogames... and also a real instrument) and also the ability to watch the anime Bleach on a bigger screen than the Ipod Nanos have.

Anyway... while I was searching I found these are super old vinyl toys (meaning they came out a while ago) but they are so cute! They are perfect as little gifts because they are relatively inexpensive(around $5 to $10 for one) and small... favor sized! . And since I'm still trying to decide what I want for my birthday, and I'm limited by A: Space (I just spent the entire afternoon cleaning my room (which includes both of my sisters' stuff since they never clean and I share a room with them) and B: money (until I find a new job). I think if you search on the internet you can find a bunch of places that stock them, but I think I'm going to go with shopkawaii.com.... they have low shipping.

These are the Cannibal Funfair series by Tado
This is the Wish come true series: This pill shaped one is the one I want, but there are others :)

And this is a bird girl by a fan of Unipo; The artist submitted her design to the company and they chose it! She's on flickr but I don't remember who she is!


  1. I'm soooo happy to meet another vinyl toy fan!! I have the green guy on wheels in the Cannibal Funfair series!! They come in blind boxes and I got him for 1/2 off at Urban Outfitters!

    You may also like the Kidrobot's BFF (Best Friend Forever) series. So far, I've only gotten hot dogs :(

  2. Haha TADA, those BFF ones are so cute; I'm so happy to meet another vinyl fan too! I wish we had UO here in Hawaii, but we don't... sigh! You're so lucky :D


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