Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random post

I'm not usually a movie person, but I am super excited for these two movies... especially since my netflix choices have been sucking of late. I pretty much think Jack Black and Rachel Weisz are the really great actors; you surely know of my love for Jack Black already. But you probably didn't know I about my affinity for Miss Weisz; she's so cute and sweet in her movies! I loved her in Constantine and the original Mummy! I have a relatively short list of actors and actresses who I will go to see movies for, and these two are definitely on it.

I also have a small dilemma that requires a large sum of money to resolve; luckily my B-day is coming up and I can use collective monies to offset the costs. I can't decide what would be better to get to go to DC; a Nintendo DSi or an Ipod nano! Both have extreme entertainment value... but which would I get more use out of? I think maybe an Ipod (you can listen to it in the metro etc). Which would you pick?

Leaning towards the yellow or orange... red is cute too!

Actually... they don't have this color DSi in the US yet... only in Japan. Maybe I should wait until they do!


  1. If you get an Ipod touch, you can use it with the same features that the nintendo comes along with. But you also have an ipod. I bought myself an Ipod touch with 8 gb after my wedding because of the fact that it has w-lan (checking mails, writing the blog, etc), games(even the sims3 now!), videos, music, taking notes and really much more in. I definitly think about selling my nintendo since I got my touch, because I don't use it any more.

  2. good idea to wait! i always do that... see something super and instead of waiting for the right colour i take the one there is! so bummed out when the right colour actually eventually comes in! right now i have a red sony vaio and sooooo badly wanted the purple but only in japan! i shove the mousepad up my nose everytime i look at it as a reminder to WAIT! ;D

  3. hehe well I have both :P well a DS and a video ipod and I do enjoy useing it when I go to work at work and home form work :P but you could always get the mini sd card and have all the nintendo games you will ever want hehe

  4. GO FOR THE DS!!!! PLAYING GAMES IS WAYYYYYYYYYY MORE FUN!!! That's just what I would get :^)

    <3, Rebecca

  5. you should check out the year one site - I worked on it! :D

  6. Ach, I still can't decide! If I get this job I'm after I might get both :) Aevan Arts that is sooo cool! I checked it out and it looks wicked awesome... how excited are you!


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