Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dupont Circle and the Inn

Hee hee, thanks for all the comments guys! While I'm having lots of fun being by myself, it can get lonely being in a new/strange city by yourself... there's no one to say things to, like: "Hey, look at that tree that looks like a foot." So it's so nice to read all your comments on my blog and flickr! Don't worry though, I won't be by myself for much longer; tonight is my last night in the bed and breakfast I'm staying in, and then tomorrow it's off to George Washington University. If you ever come to DC, I would highly recommend staying at the Inn at Dupont Circle South. It's a bit old and a little expensive (for a college student... but they were the cheapest I could find in comparison to the other rates for hotels and B&B's I saw while I searching on the internet.) The room I stayed in the first night was called the Queen Anne Room, I think, and it was very spacious and lovely.

Here is the Dining Room; they put out refreshments for the afternoon and night-time!

Here is the atrium! It's a nice place to eat because you're technically in the Garden, but you're still inside!

The room where I've been since the first night is this little one, appropriately called "the nook," there isn't even a closet! But who needs a closet anyway? All I need is a bed, and that's the essence of "the nook."
Here's the front architecture of the Inn; it's the white part in the middle. DC has much more vegetation than I thought it would... Dupont Circle is especially nicely greened!

There are many reasons I like it at this B&B: the staff is really nice, it's clean, the breakfast is really good (every morning there is fresh baked bread, omelets cooked to order, etc) and it is literally 2 dozen steps to the Dupont Circle Metro stop. Dupont Circle itself is a great place to stay if you are in DC; it's got a really great night scene and is a notable gay and lesbian community. It's really nice; great architecture, and it seems pretty safe.

There are lots of little places to eat (some are expensive, a few are not)-so far I really like Cosi and Julie's Empanadas. Although it's a bit more expensive (around $7-$10) their flatbread, sandwiches and salads are so good; I like the Bombay Chicken Salad. Julie's Empanadas is open extremely late and it costs $3.41 per empanada... so far I've eaten the turkey with spring onion and the Chilean beef (with raisins, ripe olives, hard boiled egg and beef) and both were super yummy and filling (one should be good for a meal). Both Cosi and Julie's Empanadas are mere minutes away from the Inn.

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  1. Ohhhh, my tummy is shouting at me for eating such an early dinner and now that empanada is STARING at me.


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