Monday, September 3, 2007

berrysprite earrings

Here are some earrings that I made using vintage plastic beads! I have been loving the turquoise and coral color combination lately, so I was really happy when I found these beads :) I have tons of beads, I even forgot I had these, but sometimes I have a hard time envisioning a design for any of them. So, I usually get all of my beads and jewelry making supplies out from under my bed (no small task, they are in three fishing tackle boxes!) and I try putting them next to one another, play with the sizes, shapes, colors etc. Sometimes I can't come up with anything at all, so I end up putting all of them away again! This time, though, I came up with these earrings as well as two others which will be in my shop eventually (I like this pair the best)!


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