Thursday, September 20, 2007

rainy days are like sunshine in my mind

I love rainy days! I love gray skies, storm clouds and the smell of wet asphalt and rain. They make me really happy and..... calm. I could probably live for a little while in someplace like Ireland, where I hear it is pretty rainy (I also love the juxtaposition of verdant green fields/mountains and a cloudy grey sky). Is this weird coming from someone who lives in Hawai`i? I dunno, but I really do love our winters here, because they are more like rainy seasons. The temperature has cooled off a lot in recent weeks; global warming had been making it uncharacteristically hot and muggy. Lately though, it's been pretty rainy here, which isn't conducive to waking up and going to school, but it is conducive to letting your creative thoughts wander... I've been trying to think of new amigurumi designs in between my work and I think I've come up with some. Probably you'll see one of them soon in my shop; a little amigurumi ghost for Halloween is but one example.

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