Wednesday, September 12, 2007

fabrics are my friends

So, as you know, I have a huge fabric obsesson. I literally have to slap my hand that clicks away from the mouse with my other hand. One day my old guy neighbor who lives across the hall said to me as I was getting a fabric package, "What, Christmas already?" If he only knew.

In case any of you haven't seen, superbuzzy is having a super sale with a lot of the fabrics that I have been wanting but held off on because they were so expensive for me. The great thing about superbuzzy is they let you buy half yards instead of the entire yard. So I got some terrycloth hedgehog, gingerbread bear, etc. The sad thing is after I placed my order they got in new fabrics (duh holly, that's why they have the sale) they got in some of my all time favorite fabric, featuring more hedgehogs and mushrooms; so I naturally had to buy more. I tell you, shipping to Hawai`i is a bummer indeed, and shipping prices times two in one weekend is a bigger bummer.

I also found this cute decole fabric on etsy, from milcotigerfabric's shop and it was waaaay expensive, but it is after all, decole. I liked the blue one better on the internet, but once I saw it in real life, I liked the pink. I got a small piece of cute decole paper with my order, so I made some buttons; I don't know if can part with them, though.... so cute!


  1. hi holly :-)
    check out it's amazing :-), maybe cheaper to hawaii than the uk ?? any-hoo don't look if your fabric pennies have been spent ;-) xxx

  2. Aw man, what have you done to me! Their fabrics are so cute! I guess you did give me fair warning if I go broke because I spent all my monies on fabric I won't blame you! Thanks for the great tip! :)

  3. Holly i love your new fabric and your badges are fantastic, so cute !!
    Sarah x

  4. Thanks for the superbuzzy link. Really cute stuff but yeah...shipping to Hawaii is way toooooo expensive.

  5. I have some Decole fabric. If air mail is too expensive then I can give you a quote for SAL. I use SAL a lot to mail to Hawaii and it usually just takes a few extra days.

    Have a look


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