Sunday, September 9, 2007

goodies for me

Yay, my mommy bought me some yummy Japanese candy: they're called aporo (apollo) from the Meiji brand but I like to call them rocket chocolate. They are basically strawberry flavored chocolate candies and they taste soooo good! You can get them many places here (like Shirokiya in Ala Moana shopping center, Don Quijote, etc; lucky I live Hawai`i) but they are kinda pricey, as with many Japanese things. Anyway, thought you might like to see them before I devour them :)

My mom also got me a huge pile of cardstock, (she is sweet indeed) which I am going to use for some new and improved backgrounds... so many people on etsy and whatnot have beautiful backgrounds (check out bellas arts; her little sets have furniture and windows with curtains). I've been using a hamburger patty box that smelled frozen even after there were no more hamburgers in it for a while covered with teal tissue paper, and alternately draped with wrapping paper or canvas. These papers are going to rock; now my shop will be even more technicolor!

I finally finished Harry Potter #7 (said I was going to finish weeks ago!) and all I can say is "all is well" (was that a corny ending or what?) I must say, #3 and #1 remain my all time favorites in the series.

Right now, I am making my lecture for tomorrow; it is going to be on Mesopotamia and the Epic of Gilgamesh (fun fun fun). Hopefully the kids will have read this time; its hard to have a discussion lab when you are only asking questions to yourself :)

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