Friday, August 24, 2007

It been so long...

I've been guiltily going to my blog all week and trying to find the time to actually sit down and write something/take some pictures but no... I've been so busy! Even now, as I am typing my demented lovebird is yelling at me because he wants me to get him some bath water. He's very funny; He'll climb up to his brother's cage and flip some water out of the dish, scream at me and then stop to see if I'm paying attention to him. Then after I get some water in a shallow bowl(weirdly there must be a single ice cube in it) he comes down and has a bath amongst the newspaper I've spread out on the living room floor. Also, if he sees me watching him while he's having a bath he'll stop and look back at me. Little weirdo.
Okay, so now that the bird has had his bath where was I? Oh yes, I haven't had time to craft at all! Hopefully this weekend (although that's what I always say isn't it?) I did have a chance to play with my new office! I actually share it with a girl from Texas (it's weird, I'm probably one of the only people from Hawai`i in the History Department at the University of Hawai`i) but she's really nice and she's helped me loads adjusting already.

Here is a bag that I sewed out of $2 a yard fabric from Wal-mart. I made it based off some of the bags I've seen on etsy, which are loosely based on yak-pak. I really like the material actually; it's a deeper yellow with light yellow hawaiian print leaves and flowers, and it looks as we say here in Hawai`i "NATIVE." You know, the activist, Hawaiian-speaking, hula dancing kinda native? Which is good, because that's what I am (except for the hula-dancing part; I have no rhythm). It's a really huge bag too, and I love it! Also it's good that the fabric was so cheap, because that's my brand-new laptop next to it, and that cost a pretty penny.
Here is the view outside my office; I'm glad there's lotsa green around.

And here is me, sitting at my desk, playing with my new computer!

Hopefully, there will be more decorations in my office later... for now this is all I have:


  1. I love your bag!

    I love the picture of you with a flower in your hair! How cute!

    I love that little ram!

    And I love your laptop. I want to get one. Any suggestions?

  2. whooo thats a nice bag and the fabric was so cheap too.


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