Friday, August 10, 2007

Skewl is drawing near

Well this is basically my last weekend of freedom... TA training starts next week, and then the week after that is actual school. I've decided to break from manuscripting to play with my new book (the one I got at my birthday) which is about making pouches, ornaments and all kinds of stuff in between out of japanese chirimen fabric. Also I am rereading Harry Potters number 5 and 6 in preparation for 7. (I read fast, so I'll finish before school). So fun!

I went shopping for school supplies (like I need anymore). Well, actually I was taking my little sister who is going away to college in California shopping at Marukai, the Japanese 99 cents store. I really love going there; they have all kinds of eclectic things, like air fresheners, stickers, dangerous toothpaste, etc. They also have really cute Japanese stationary, boxes, and stickers, which I love. Lately though, they haven't been having cute stuff and most of their prices are now 1.49 (they lie in their name) but this time they had good pickings! I got some colored pencils, lead hamtaro pencils, erasers, etc. The absolute best thing I got was this chirimen frog coin purse... It was $4.99. Hopefully I'll be able to make chirimen things this cute!


  1. I have drunk a litle too much wine and Super Laughed at the bit where you typed 'dangerous toothpaste' Very Funny !! Sorry for being a tipsy blog reader!! (check out -- you can win a pink knitted monkey, and her blog is very VERY funny!)
    much love xxx

  2. Yikes...I just finished summer school, and school is drawing near again! :( Oh well! I LOVE BUYING school supplies! I could probably open my own office supply store!

  3. School supplies ROCK. Never apologize for these. I wish I had a Japanese dollar store here in Chicago! I'd love some of those Hamtaro pencils--so cute!

  4. i wish we could find such cute stuff for school here in the UK !!
    that book looks great too !!

    Sara x


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