Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sewing is fun

Trudging along kicking and screaming with the manuscript but.......
I took a little time this weekend to sew! (Also last weekend, forgot to mention it). This all in anticipation of Christmas. My poor amigurumi have been neglected, and they are all sitting in a wicker basket on my shelf without legs, eyes, noses and sometimes even stuffing. The horror. Perhaps tomorrow I can devote some time to them.

So after sewing until 1 am last night ( I anticipate the same for tonight) I have finally perfected my clutch! I love the design, I took a lot of what I saw and liked from other bags on Etsy and the internet and came up with my own design. You guys saw my first attempt; that vinyl fruit bag with the wonky sides? Well, I've worked on a system to sewing it perfectly. Now I cut out the pieces very nicely (before: they were all different measurements, with little jagged scissors marks all over because I figured, 5/8" seam allowance, what the hey). I also sewed on a pretty slow machine setting (before: the setting was so fast I couldn't see the needle and therefore didn't sew straight.) Also, I pinned the pieces very carefully (before: I don't need pins, I'm a real woman).

Dang, I am proud. I even busted out some of my California fabric stash to make some of these clutches. Hopefully, you guys will see the fruits of that labor fairly soon.

I guess I am on a sewing jag, because I also wanted to work on some pincushions, (yep, that really is the unglamorous pincushion I use for all my sewing needs, hence the need for some really cool new ones) do some pouches, blah blah blah, you've read it before.

Man, I wish the weekend was longer :) I may be the only person left in the world who hasn't read Harry Potter the finale.

Oooooh, big PS. I finally got a button machine.... eeeek! Tell you guys the story later, but its gonna be soooo good! Just you guys wait... I am going to repopulate the entire world with buttons :)


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